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Participant Guidelines

For all participants, kindly read the guidelines provided here.

Virtual Presentation Guidelines

  1. Kindly review your presentation schedule provided above. For further details, please refer to the program book.
  2. Please remember the session time and session room to avoid missing your schedule.
  3. Please adjust your timing according to the GMT +7 time zone, as per the schedule.
  4. If you haven’t submitted the presentation video to the committee by the deadline, you have the option to deliver through a live presentation during the conference. The total allocated time for an oral presentation is 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A). Kindly ensure that you adhere to your designated time limit.
  5. All presenters are expected to present during the conference. Participation in live Q&A is a requirement of publication in IEEE Xplore.
  6. Please check your email for the virtual meeting link. In case you haven’t received the details, please contact

Virtual Background Link :

Download Virtual Background of TSSA 2023