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Paper ID Author(s) Title
12105X Bangsa Edwiranda, Bryan Christy Purba and Yoanes Bandung Design and Implementation of Real-time Object Tracking System Based on Viola-Jones Algorithm for Supporting Video Conference
12106X Bryan Christy Purba, Muhammad Diva Pasha and Yoanes Bandung Design and Implementation of WebRTC-Based Video Conference System in Odroid Board
12113X Sitia Gamawati Erta Lestari and Achmad Munir Circular Planar Array Antenna with Radiation Pattern Reconfiguration Ability Using PIN Diode
12119X Rheyuniarto Sahlendar Asthan and Achmad Munir Differentially Proximity Coupled Ring Printed Antenna Array For L-Band SAR Application
12123X Mohammad Ridwan Effendi and Adis Alifiawan 2,1 GHz Auction and Refarming in Indonesia
12141X Ricky Willyantho and Achmad Munir Tomography Image Reconstruction using Parallel-Beam Projection at Microwave Frequency
12146X Muhammad Panji Kusuma Praja and Achmad Munir Array Circular Waveguide for Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting
12148X Hamonangan Situmorang, Nana Syambas, Tutun Juhana and Ian Yosef Matheus Edward A Simulation of Cache Replacement Strategy on Named Data Network
12152X Tody Ariefianto Wibowo, Nana Rachmana Syambas and Hendrawan Hendrawan Overhead of Named Data Networking Routing Protocol
12154X Raditya Muhammad and Ian Joseph Matheus Edward Assessment of IT Governance of Bakti Internet Access Program Based on the COBIT5 Framework
12155X Hervin Hidayat, M.A. Wibisono, Ryan Fikri, S.M. Ulfa and Iskandar Iskandar Error Pointing Correction System Implemented In The Air Balloon Communication System
12202X Inayatulloh Achtar Risk Prevention Model for Social Commerce User
12203X Bellia Dwi Cahya Putri and Riri Fitri Sari The Effect of Latency on Selfish-Miner Attack on Block Receive Time Bitcoin Network Using NS3
12207X Rini Handayani, Anak Agung Gde Agung, Marlindia Ike Sari and Naufal Mudhoffar Sastradikusumah Home-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design
12215X Yoppy Sazaki, Anggina Primanita, Hadipurnawan Satria and Rezi Apriliansyah A Comparison Application of the Genetic and Steepest Ascent Hill Climbing Algorithm in the Preparation of the Crossword Puzzle Board
12216X Hepi Ludiyati, Yugyta Prafitri Mz, Ika Kartika and Achmad Munir Performance Analysis of Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna Composed of Artifiicial Dielectric Material
12217X Muhammad Fadil Novar, Ari Yanuar Ridwan and Budi Santosa Chulasoh SCOR and AHP Based Monitoring Dashboard to Measure Rice Sourcing Performance at Indonesian Bureau of Logistics
12220X Lia Kamelia, Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi and Akhmad Jazuli Baskara E-Key Prototype Implementation Based On Short Message Service (SMS) Technology
12221X Mochamad Yunus, Yamato Tan and Achmad Munir SR-Based Printed Array Antenna with Reduced Size
12222X Rusdi Affandi, Nanang Ismail, Hardi Nusantara and Achmad Munir Analysis of SIW BPF Performance Influenced by Number of CSRRs Incorporation
12224X Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi, Agus Wandi Sholihuddin and Yana Taryana The Design And Realization of Low Noise Amplifier at Frequency 3 GHz for T/R Module Antena Beamforming Application
12226X Rini Handayani and Gaous Afrizal Thin Clients as Memoryless Computer for Reducing Digital Divide in East Indonesia
12228X Nanang Ismail, Abdurrahman Nurhakim and Hendri Maja Saputra The Calculation of Gyroscope Sensor Angles Using Eight Integral Methods
12230X Ade Saputra, Nanang Ismail, Mochamad Yunus and Achmad Munir Miniaturization of 2.4GHz SIW Antenna Using Complimentary Split Ring Resonator
12231X Yamato Tan, Mochamad Rizky Rahmadi, Evyta Wismiana, Mochamad Yunus and Achmad Munir IoT Application through WiFi Access for Processing a Wood Vinegar by Burning an Organic Waste
12232X Aditya Ilhamizar, Ari Yanuar Ridwan and Mohammad Deni Akbar Design of Rice Distribution Performance Monitoring System Using SCOR And AHP Method
12233X Gian Harlawan, Ari Yanuar Ridwan and Saskia Puspa Kenaka Decision Support System For Supplier Selection Using AHP and DEA
12234X Rangga Yudhista Kuswandi, Ari Yanuar Ridwan and Rosan Ma’Ali El Hadi Development of Monitoring Reverse Logistic System for Leather Tanning Industry Using SCOR Model
12235X Eriko Mahtamtama, Ari Yanuar Ridwan and Budi Santosa Development of Cycle Counting Monitoring Dashboard with Buffer Time Management for Cocoa Company
12253X Denny Setiyawan Application Analysis of Spectrum Fee for Point-To-Point Microwave Link Radio Communication System
12256X Yudha Purwanto, Kuspriyanto Kuspriyanto, Hendrawan Hendrawan and Budi Rahardjo Acquaintance Performance of Risk-cost Analysis in Collaborative Intrusion Detection Network
12257X Kholilatul Wardani, Aditya Kurniawan, Hendrawan Hendrawan and Eueung Mulyana ROI Based Post Image Quality Assessment Technique on Multiple Localized Filtering Method on Kinect Sensor
12350X Aanchal Jhingan, Lavish Kansal, Gurjot Singh Gaba, Faisel Tubbal, Suhila Abulgasem Performance analysis of OFDM system augmented with SC diversity combining technique in presence of CFO
12351X Pawan Kumar, Lavish Kansal, Gurjot Singh Gaba, Mohamed El Bakkali, Faisel Tubbal, Suhila Abulgasem BER analysis of GFDM system augmented with SC diversity combining scheme for diverse Pulse Shaping Filters
12425X Imam Riadi and Arizona Firdonsyah Forensic Analysis of Android-based Instant Messaging Application
12427X Iwan Yanto, Sri Handayaningsih, Arif Rahman and Rahmad Hidayat Student Performance Classification using Fuzzy Soft Set
12429X Rusydi Umar, Jefree Fahana and Agus Triyono Development of E-Marketplace in Department of Agriculture Food Crops and Horticulture as a Means to Expand The Market of Processed Food
12436X Tedy Setiadi and Syauqi Bima Implementation Scrum for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) in Hospital Management
12437X Arfiani Nur Khusna and Indri Agustina Implementation Of Information Retrieval Using Tf-Idf Weighting Method On Detik.Com’s Website
12438X Dewi Soyusiawaty, Anna Hendri Soleliza Jones and Panggah Widiandana Similarity Detection Of Student Assignments Using Rocchio Method
12439X Dewi Soyusiawaty and Yahya Zakaria Book Data Content Similarity Detector With Cosine Similarity (Case study on
12440X Dwi Normawati and Sri Winarti Rules-Based Data Mining for Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease with Combination Classifier
12443X Lisna Zahrotun, Nila Hutami Putri and Arfiani Nur Khusna The Implementation of K-Means Clustering Method in Classifying Undergraduate Thesis Titles
12444X Murein Miksa Mardhia and Dwi Normawati Marketplace Seller Recommender with User-Based Multi Criteria Decision Making
12445X Nur Rochmah Dyah Puji Astuti, Ika Arfiani and Doni Nur Laksono Utilization of the Gesture Library For Learning Java Characters Interactive
12504X Irsyad Ridwany Forecast of Spectrum Allocation for Mobile Broadband
12518X Ryan Fikri and Iskandar Design and Study of Rectangular Patch Antenna Array for High Altitude Platform Station
12547X Nivika Tiffany Somantri and Iskandar Iskandar Asymmetric Carrier Aggregation on LTE-Advanced Access Networks
12558X Irma Zakia Sum Rate of Massive MIMO Systems Deploying Uniform Circular Planar Array Base Station Antenna
12559X Wervyan Shalannanda, Harashta Tatimma Larasati, Daniel Wiyogo, Rifqy Hakimi and Christophorus Ivan Samuels Calculation Methodology for Spectrum Demands for Mobile Broadband in Indonesia
12560X Rifqy Hakimi, Harashta Tatimma Larasati, Alvin Mustafa and Abdallah A. Abu-Arabia Leveraging SDN for Handover in Distributed Mobility Management of 5G Network





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